Massimo Nidini

Massimo Nidini was born in Nogarole Rocca (Verona) and educated at a boarding school in Cittadella di Padova until 1964, taking part in numerous collective exhibitions as well as several one-man shows. With a group of artists, painters, sculptors and photographers, in 1995, he founded the Academy of Arts and Crafts, and subsequently the A.S.C., a cultural association based in Verona. He was the driving force behind the “Italian Art” project for the dissemination and communication of the Product Idea, creating a media event and taking part in international events and initiatives, exhibitions and conventions. In 1999, with a group of entrepreneurs and professionals from Verona, he founded ASSIMP, where he sat on the Culture Committee. After 2006, he worked with Lisa Borgiani, with whom he has pooled his artistic talents, creating pictorial photos. They exhibited in galleries and at international events, often in cooperation with Italian Culture Institutes. Massimo Nidini died on 20 May 2011 and is remembered here for the intensity of his works.

Lisa Borgiani

Lisa Borgiani was born in Verona in 1979; she took her passion for photographing the countryside initially to Ireland and developed it on her return to Italy, becoming a specialist in black and white photography, including developing and printing. She presented her first work via various cultural associations, art galleries and curators: Sarajevo (2003), Timeless Time (Berlin Memorial, 2004), new Punk generation (Colonia 2005) and Red in the cage (Verona 2006). In 2006, she began working with the painter Massimo Nidini; together, they made a number of pictorial photos and exhibited in many galleries and international art events. In 2009, they met and began working with the economist Carlo Pelanda, taking a new artistic direction. “Vertical Italy” is a work created for the cover of his latest book “Formula Italy” and the symbol of the “Dynamic Cities” Exhibition, organized by the Italian Institute of Culture in London, in March 2010, creating a new way of seeing, photographing and “constructing” cities: superimposed examples of architecture in movement, out-of-focus blends of ancient and modern buildings, cities that are in search of a new identity. Speed and verticality are the two main features of her new creations, the symbol of the force of progress, a rapid harmonic balance looking to the future with confidence; a challenge to stasis, a transformation, an interpretation of verticality as architectural and conceptual elevation. “Technological Prosthesis” is her latest research project, comprising a transformation of nature and architecture, an artistic and technological creation focusing the attention on the extension of nature and ancient architecture via the technology represented by modern buildings (high-tech prosthesis); the “velocity” of the photographed architecture seems to give birth, grow and change their forms and their “technological prosthesis” in a new Futurist vision of the countryside and its space, progress and the evolution of man.

Giovanni Perez

A researcher in philosophy and twentieth century history, he has organized numerous courses in the history of philosophy and other branches of knowledge for various institutions. He is a prolific author and contributor to catalogues, as well as the founder of the Vita Nova publishing company.

Giovanni Elia Perbellini

A graduate of Florence University, he is currently an adjunct Professor. He contributed work to the multi-purpose hall designed by Aldo Rossi for the Kursall in Montecatini Terme. His interests include the critical and historic aspects of architecture. He has won numerous architecture and design competitions, recognition and special mentions.

Gabriello Anselmi

An eclectic artist and promoter of numerous cultural initiatives, he graduated in architecture at IUAV in Venice in 1974. His architectural work includes the Living Bridge and Conceptual Bridge presented at the Venice Biennale in 2007, l’ame du paysage le pont conceptuel Parigi 2006 Galerie Satellite, Architecture and Water at the Design Exchange Museum Toronto 2004. His sculptures include: Mobiles o Dinamis, Stabiles o Busti Parigi -Galerie art present -2007, Floating Sculptures, Ceach sculpture and Sound Sculpture. He has made a number of short films: Dialogue 1972 - 6x6 1973 made in super 8. Angela 2008 – Al Cavallino Phonophotointervew in one act – presented at the Milan Triennale and MART in 2009. He is the author or co-author of numerous texts on architecture, art and the countryside.

Alessandra Moro uff. stampa Terrazza Bar al Ponte

Alessandra Moro is Veronese but originally from Friuli, born on 17 March 1971. After her High School diploma she graduated in Modern Literature at Padova University and went on to numerous experiences in newspapers and television. A registered journalist in the Veneto Region, currently she writes for a number of dailies and monthlies and is the head of the Press Office for an Image and Communications Company in Verona. Contact: skype: aleidavr 348.2240534 PEC