Restaurant and Bar

Terrazza Bar al Ponte has re-opened, carrying on a long tradition, enhanced by the unique location in one of the most attractive areas of Verona, on the riverside, with a spectacular view. A wine shop at the beginning of the twentieth century, the premises have been renovated elegantly, retaining the original atmosphere.

The breathtaking view from the terrace takes in one of the most beautiful areas of Verona: Ponte Pietra with its fourteenth century tower dating back to the reign of the Scala dynasty, the Roman Theatre and the hill with the S.Pietro Castle.

Inside, the premises were designed and rebuilt by the '37100 Architecture Consortium' providing belle époque  atmosphere, whilst the terrace has been designed as the upper deck of a ship, with leather-covered benches and tables of grey travertine. A large parasol/umbrella protects diners from the sun or rain, so the terrace can also be used during the winter, when infra-red bulbs provide warmth. Ecological pelt blankets are provided for extra comfort. The kitchen is open until 2.00 a.m. for theatre-goers and opera fans arriving from the Roman Theatre/Arena. Terrazza Bar al Ponte can be booked for parties, receptions, meetings and events.



The restaurant offers traditional dishes, with nice products based on the safeguarding of the eco-system and a “slow food” philosophy. The menus follow the seasons and can provide extra specialties for dinner parties booked in advance. A taste?

HORS D’OEUVRE Cured raw ham or Verona “soppressa” with a selection of spiced mountain cheeses.

FIRST COURSE Fresh meat pie. Tortellini di Valeggio with butter and sage Gnocchi with bacon and rosemary. Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and basil

SECOND COURSES Salmon trout and smoked trout from the mountains. Natural “carne salada” from the Trentino with flakes of Parmesan cheese. Selection of cheeses from the Trentino and mountain dairies with home-made jams

DESSERT A range of home-made fresh cakes.

Quality and "primitivizie"
The dishes are tasty and genuine examples of first-class cuisine. The mountain trout /salmon or smoked) are from hatcheries using the waters of the Adamello glacier. Cold, fresh mountain water is not only a perfectly pure  environment but also mean the fish grow slowly due to their reduced nutritional needs as they adapt to the ambient temperature. It is a lengthy process that produces exceptional quality. Salt is added by hand using fine Cervia salt, whilst smoking is a throwback to the tradition method with beech wood from the upper mountain slopes. Natural “carne salada” from the Trentino with flakes of Parmesan cheese: no preservatives or artificial colouring is used, based on an old recipe from the Trentino.