Art gallery

Terrazza Bar al Ponte is one of the new cultural venues in town. The space available is used for a variety of art installations (painting, photography and design). The curator of the exhibitions is 37100 in the person of Sergio Rocca, who cam up with the idea of using the unique location as temporary gallery providing a range of ideas for a heterogeneous public of diners and patrons of the bar. It is not intended as a slap in the facet to other galleries in Verona, but as the embodiment of an idea by 37100, based on manual work and high-quality art works.

Verona tessile
Monette Maitre Pierre

Nell'ambito dell'originale, morbida ed avvolgente rassegna "Verona tessile", la Terrazza Bar al Ponte ha con piacere messo a disposizione anche le sue pareti per partecipare alle iniziative espositive. Dall'8 al 13 marzo abbiamo ospitato le opere create dall'artista francese Monette Maitre Pierre, splendide nei loro colori e trame.